Always strive for Black Belt excellence and value lifelong learning;
Help junior or younger students;
Show respect for yourself and others;
Contribute responsibly to the club;
Know that physical or verbal intimidation, aggression and vandalism will not be tolerated and may be grounds for dismissal from the program;
Speak politely and respectfully;
Use your voice quietly and calmly; and
Clean up after yourself.

Stripes are awarded to students who have shown that they can perform a certain part of the curriculum without the assistance of an instructor.  Stripes are placed on the two bottom ends of the belt.  When a student has two full stripes around her belt, he/she is ready to be pre-tested.

Testing week is always the last week of every month, unless otherwise scheduled.  There are pre-test days; the three days preceding exam night.  Pre-tests occur in regular classes.  Students who have two full stripes are thoroughly examined.  The students who pass the pre-test may attend the exam night.

Exam night is always the last Thursday of every month, unless otherwise scheduled.  The exam starts at 5:00 pm, but students are required to arrive at 4:45 pm.  Students who have passed the pre-test are officially examined and new belts and certificates are handed out.  The cost of each examination is $60, which must be paid in full before exam night.  All regular classes are cancelled on exam night.

Students are required to attend 2 classes a week.  The school is open 7 days a week for your convenience.  There is no limit as to how many times per week a student can attend.

Uniforms must be worn at all times during class and exam night.  A uniform consists of a Do-Bok (Top & Pants) and a belt. School shirts are acceptable in place of Do-Bok tops; school shirts are available for purchase in the office.

Students must be chosen by Master Jang to be part of this prestigious club.  Membership is based on attendance, attitude, effort and enthusiasm.  When you have been selected as a candidate, you will be given an invitation to attend a try-out and information session.

In addition to this website and Facebook, there are message boards in the parents’ viewing area.  Parents are asked to briefly look at the boards on each visit.  Any events will be posted on the message board.

Sparring is introduced to students at the yellow belt level.  Students must have their own set of sparring equipment to participate in sparring classes.  You can order your equipment in the office.

You must always bow to the flags when entering and exiting the training area.  We bow to show respect for our training facility, our peers and our instructors.

We will be operating “fun-filled” day camps on PA days as well as Board Designated holidays and half day camps on early dismissal days.  Children attending on these days can be dropped off at our facility as early as 8:00 am.  This is inclusive in your After-School membership but also available at $40.00 each per day for all non-member participants and friends.

We have students at our club and students with whom we share buses who have life threatening allergies to peanuts, hazelnuts, nuts, tree nuts and peanut oils.  Please avoid sending snacks and foods to the gym that contain these products. Strict rules about not eating on the buses will also be enforced.  Thank you for helping us with this very serious situation.  Also, please inform us if your son/daughter has any other allergies.

When the Toronto School Board of Education closes schools due to bad weather, announcements are made on some radio stations like CHFI 98.1, AM 680, CHUM FM 104.5, AM 1050, Z103, CP24 and Global TV. Taekwondo Toronto will not operate the After School Martial Arts Program on these days for safety and insurance reasons.

When in doubt, always ask Master Jang or the staff. We are always more than happy to be of service to you!