Adult / Youth Program


An alternative to repetitive Boring exercise

Would you like to look forward to working out? Now you can. Our adult classes are taught by high energy instructors who will inspire you to give your best. No two classes are alike, and at each session you will be learn new techniques and refine your skills. It’s a process of constant learning that will motivate you to train consistently.

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, all of our staff are encouraging. You are going to love being part of the TKD family.

A stronger, faster, more capable body

Taekwondo training develops your whole body. You will increase your flexibility and leg strength as you learn powerful kicks. You will gain muscle tone in your upper body from the repetition of punches and strikes. Every class includes stretching, cardio, strength, and endurance. You get the benefit of multiple exercise programs all in one workout!

Be prepared to protect yourself and those you love

Learning self defense will give you confidence and peace of mind.  You will learn practical methods to escape from a variety of grabs and holds. You will increase your speed, reflexes and timing from partner drills that will condition you to react quickly and instinctively in a dangerous situation.

Take control of your thoughts and your stress level

We live at a faster pace than ever before. You are overwhelmed with obligations and requests at every turn. Learn to take a moment and breakfree from the stressful demands of your daily routine. You will enjoy undisrupted workouts on each visit. Few things can balance the tension created by stress than physical release. You will immediately feel the benefits of safely kicking, punching and hitting targets.

• Transform your body and your energy level
• Learn self-defense
• Meet friendly classmates