About Taekwondo Toronto

Founded by Master Jang over 15 years ago, TKD (Taekwondo) Toronto is conveniently located in the heart of Toronto’s West End near the Lambton Golf & Country Club on Dundas west of Scarlett. At TKD Toronto, we always strive for Black Belt excellence and value lifelong learning.  We offer a variety of TaeKwonDo and mixed martial arts classes to children and adults.

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a martial art independently developed over 20 centuries ago in Korea. Over the years it has become a popular international sport. Taekwondo is a free-fighting combat sport using the bare hands and feet to repel the opponent. Taekwondo literally means the way of kicking and punching.

It consists of sharp strong angular movements with free flowing circular movements to produce a balance of beauty and power. With the addition of Taekwondo’s trademark kicking techniques it is a complete system of self defense and personal improvement. All of its activities are based on the defensive attitude that originally developed for protection against enemy attacks.